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Boost your sales & connect with your customers!

Supporting business owners and entrepreneurs connect their businesses with their target audience so they can create profitable brands and meaningful connections that last a lifetime.


"We create brands that connect, spark conversations, inspire, fall in love and belong in the world around us"

- Jay Kingman

Founder of Aniko Branding

Who & what are we?

From Greek origin, the name Aniko means "belonging". The name was chosen from our belief that all businesses, large or small, belong in the world to support and help people. Our mission is simple: support businesses to create brands that are authentic, meaningful, impactful and belong.

Aniko Branding has a wealth of expertise that spans over two decades, specialising in collaborating with various companies on a globally to effectively meet their branding objectives. We possess the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a brand that deeply connects with your target audience while supporting your business aspirations.

Feel free to reach out to us today to see how we can assist you in transforming your business into a significant and impactful brand.


Professional Brand & logo design services located in Scunthorpe.

The six tools we offer you to give your brand the best start.

  • Brand Strategy

    We use brand strategy to create a roadmap for how you can build your brand fast and in the full view of your ideal target market, and to ensure you have everything in place for the good and tricky times.

    Questions we can help you with:

    • What is our purpose?
    • How can we differentiate from the other people like us out there?
    • How can we drive a consistent story of our brand in different locations?
    • How many sub brands do we need and which ones matter?
    • What type of experience do we give our team?
    • How can we make our brand the go to in our industry?
    • How can we make sure our infrastructure is designed to create change?

  • Brand Presentation

    Presenting assets of your brand's visual, verbal, sound and sense to a whole new market shouldn't be done lightly or rushed, your brand just like us needs to be consistent and be able to communicate correctly in different environments.

    Questions we can help you with:

    • What should our brand and logo look like?
    • What should we name the business and our products?
    • What parts of the business are iconic and sentimental to our brand and logo?
    • What is our brand voice?
    • How should our brand sound to people who interact with it online and in person?
    • How should our brand look and communicate at certain times of the year?
    • How should our brand be designed across all our social media platforms?

  • Brand Experience

    By designing a brand that gives more than just a surface level experience with your product or service you will create a deeper connection with your enduser and form an unbreakable relationship that will last a lifetime.

    Questions we can help you with:

    • How can we make our brand more than just a product and turn it into an experience?
    • How is our in store design offer more to our customers?
    • How could we tell a story using customer experiences?
    • How could we ensure our brand is meeting our customer’s sustainability needs?
    • How can we better engage our customers with what we offer?
    • How can we do to have a big impact on our customer’s perception of our brand?
    • What experiences could we create that would resonate with our audiences on a deeper level?

  • Brand Management

    Creating guideline's, frameworks, training and tools that educate and inspire brand consistency is vital to sustain your brand going forward. Over the years your brand will be in the hands of teams, franchise owners, suppliers, printers and designers, so ensure that things are put in place to manage and protect your brand.  

    Questions we can help you with:

    • How can we manage and govern our brand consistently, across all touchpoints?
    • How and what do we provide our teams so they can manage our brand?
    • How can we ensure our brand is recognised and loved locally or even globally?
    • How can we manage our brand in a more simple way?
    • How do we create and involve brand ambassadors?
    • How can we turn sustainability into a competitive advantage?

  • Employee Experience

    By aligning your employees and team to embody the brand, its core values and to fulfil the brand strategy you will create a culture thats consistent with everyone creating a vibe that will inspire everyone who interacts with them.

    Questions we can help you with:

    • How is our company culture perceived by our team?
    • How do we align our leadership to our brands new vision and purpose?
    • How can we create and embed a brand–led culture across our business and multiple sites?
    • How do we let our team be proud and feel a belonging in our business?
    • How can our team experience grow and change over time to promote the brand?
    • How can we bring our brand strategy to life in a remote or hybrid work environment?
    • How can we improve our teams experience?
    • How can we ensure our brand attracts and retains top talent?

  • Brand Performance

    By Measuring and tracking your brands performance, its easier to see whats working and what is costing you money. It also shows gaps in the business that could be filled or new opportunities to explore.

    Questions we can help you with:

    • Which brand decisions will provide the best financial payouts for our business?
    • Could our brand branch out into new categories?

    • What is the biggest growth potential for our brand?
    • How can we measure and track our brand’s performance over the years?
    • Can we track our brand’s performance, online and offline?
    • What is our brand worth?


"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

— Albert Einstein.

Does this sound like you?

  • You can't find your ideal customers but you can easily find the bad ones?

  • The public opinion of your business is way off and needs to change?

  • Your business isn't making the money that it should be?

  • You want to scale your businesses but not sure how?

  • You have an amazing business idea but unsure how to start?

  • Your business is stuck and you can't move to the next level?

  • Your competition is crippling your businesses when it shouldn't be?

We can fix the problem.

  • Get your team aligned with the value of branding, your brand and its culture.

  • Develop a brand framework that will point your brand in the right direction.

  • Create a brand strategy that can boost your business income.

  • Create brand story that builds an emotional connection with customers.

  • Develop precise easy actionable steps that will grow your brand.

  • Find gaps in the market and identify the best opportunities that exist for you.

  • Give your business a personality that will connect with the public.

Why your business needs a brand...

  • A Solid Brand Strategy:
    As with any long journey its always safer, cost effective, and more enjoyable when you prepare, know your destination and what obstacles you will encounter before you even start. The strategy session is a great way to really understand your business, brand, customers, possible challenges, extra revenue streams, plans of action for any issue that may show up. We really are the Sat Nav of your brand and we can make sure you arrive at your destination.

  • Increased visibility and recognition:
    A strong visual brand identity will help your business stand out from the competition in a busy market and be recognised on a larger scale by your customers.

  • Greater customer trust and loyalty:
    A strong brand will create authority, credibility and trust with your customers making them more likely to do business with you and become an advocate for your business.

  • Improved ability to charge premium prices:
    Its no secret that strong brands charge premium prices, and the trust built from your brand means people will choose you over a cheaper business in the same space.

  • Enhanced employee engagement and pride in the company:
    People love to belong, this is true with your employee's, a strong brand and healthy culture will make your team more engaged and proud to work for your company keeping a high staff retention.

  • Increased business growth and profitability:
    By creating a solid brand people will fall in love with you and will buy from you and stay with you, a natural byproduct of this is business growth and an increases to your profits.



92% of consumers would be willing to pay more for the same product or service when buying from a trusted brand.


90% of all purchase decisions are based on people having an emotional connection with the brand.


70% of people are more likely to buy from a brand they know.


People are 20% more likely to remember a brand that uses storytelling within the brand strategy.

What do our clients say about us?

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with many business owners from around the world. We understand that branding is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and that each business has its own unique needs. That's why we take the time to get to know each of our clients and their businesses inside and out first before we start.

Below are some comments from our clients and I think you'll agree they were happy with their brands.


Strauss & Kruger

Absolutely outstanding from start to finish. Working with Jay has been phenomenal to say the least. Jay's ideas, passion and dedication clearly reflects the quality in his work and his reliability is supurb!. I would highly recommend Jay to anyone requiring these services. Thanks again Jay! looking forward to future projects with you.

Peter Cahill
Strauss & Kruger

United Kingdom

Charles Stacy Organic CBD

My experience working with Aniko Branding has been superior to say the least. They provided a comprehensive experience in building my brand from conception. I highly recommend them for all developmental branding services.

Charles Johnson,
Charles Stacy Organic CBD

Los Angeles,

United Artspace

Jay is one of the nicest, most trust worthy people I’ve worked with. His dedication to customer satisfaction is through the roof. Jay is great at understanding the client need and working out the design / strategy until it’s right. Jay designed all my company branding and it’s still going strong 7 years on. We’ve had additional design work since then for added services within the business and all our branding looks on point and cohesive.

Michelle Lloyd
United ArtSpace

United Kingdom

Metanoia Training

Jay has worked so hard on our brand design and marketing strategy. He is is very very gifted at what he does. Really understanding our brand and helping us to understand our audience better!So grateful!

Fiona Kirby-Smith
Metanoia Training

United Kingdom

Hider Management

I am pleased to say I have worked with Jay at Aniko Branding on many occasions. Each time he has exceeded my expectations. It’s as if he knows what you want before you do if you know what I mean. His professionalism is unmatched and I can whole heartedly recommend you give him the chance to full-fill all your design and branding requirements. Keep up the great work.

Scott Hider
Hider Managment


Durrick Designs

I am beyond thrilled with the logo that Jay designed for my company, Durrick Designs. As a logo and website designer myself, I came to Jay for a brand strategy and logo design because I was simply too close to my own business to design something myself that I would be really happy with in the end. We spent a great deal of time going over the archetypes and he helped me to better understand myself and the customers I want to serve, so I could approach my rebrand and website redesign more succinctly. I love my new logo, color palette and brand. It's fresh, contemporary and serves the customers I'm looking to help locally in America and beyond. I am a small boutique agency serving small to mid-sized business across the globe.

Mallory Durrick,
Durrick Designs