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We prefer to work in a strategic manor ensuring all of our clients get the smoothest and uninterrupted experience possible.
We understand that creating any business can be time consuming and stressful, thats why we have broken down our process into a simple 5 step process .

Here are our five simple steps to show how we structure our process from our first call to the launch of your business.


discovery session

This is the perfect opportunity for use to meet, get to know each other and understand your business goals and pain points. We can use this time to find out what is needed to fulfil the brand verses what you think you may need. This will create a better understanding of what we can offer you to achieve these goals and be able to accurately price the project for you, we can also send you a proposal to explain in more detail what we can offer you. It is also at this stage that a 50% deposit can be processed to start the project.


strategy session

Before we put pen to paper, we need to know where we are heading. Together we can create a plan of action for your brand so we can launch in the right direction in direct view of the right people. During this session we will understand the culture, the voice, customer profiles and essence of your brand and create your unique brand statement which will become the WHY behind everything you do. We can also look at extra revenue streams and how to give more to your end user.


brand direction

Taking all the information we gathered during the discovery session and strategy sessions, we start to find your perfect customer type and your competitors and we do some deep diving into how they work, and fully get to know them, we will even do audits on your customers website and business to see what works and what doesn't. Once we have all this information we can create a stylescape board visualising how the visual brand could look, once this has been approved we can start with the design.



At this stage we typically know your enduser, the brand direction and what needs to be created to fulfil the brands goals. With this information we can start to create the brand visuals, logo, website, clothing, social media or anything else you need to maximise your brands visual dominance among your competitors.



When and only when we know you are happy and approve the design and work created, we will then send over your final invoice for payment, on receipt of this payment you will receive a link where you can download all of your design files safely and securely. This link will be active 24/7 and only you will have access to this folder of files.