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Terms & Conditions

Before starting a project with us.

It's super important that you read whats below and fully understand not only the terms and conditions, but also their implications before you agree to work with Aniko Branding. Wether you agree to work with us, email us your design brief, or send us your deposit, these all constitutes agreement to the terms and conditions. Please note that the terms and conditions may be altered without notice at anytime, so please contact us if you require more information as we are more than happy to help answer your questions.

Communication & Turnaround.

All communication is to be in clear, concise writing via email or social media. We can speak on the phone but please note that as we are based in the UK we may not be available to talk during your 9-5 day due to time zones. Together, the client and Aniko Branding will agree upon a reasonable time frame to complete your project. Changes outside this scope is ok but will be charged at £60 per hour and can potentially delay your deadline date. Please double check that the change is needed and please allow plenty of time so we can create the amends and deliver your project. Please let us know the amends needed within 3 business days, failure to do this may cause your project to be put on hold until the next availability.

Urgent jobs (48 hour or less turnaround)

Any urgent job will incur an additional "Priority Ticket" fee of £150 to cover costs to cover the cost of moving our scheduled jobs.

Who owns what?

During the design phase Aniko Branding retains 100% ownership of all work produced and materials used. Once full payment of the agreed fee has been paid the client is entitled to 100% full ownership of all approved designs. Please note that any unused work will remain the property of Aniko Branding and may be reused.

Payment Terms & Conditions.

The client agrees to pay a 50% non refundable deposit of the final quoted amount. A paid deposit will ensure you are booked on to our system, ensure our time for your project and will cover any upfront costs that may be needed to start the project.  Once the down-payment has been received the project can begin on a chosen date. A remaining 25% is payable to Aniko Branding upon approval or key elements of the project, and a final 25% to be paid on completion of the project. Please note that payments are required before any final files/design work is supplied to the client. Client agrees to pay for any excess work or additions on top of the initial quote cost (which is also payable before any final files/design work is supplied). Wherever possible we will always let you know of increases in the scope of the project outside the original quote amount. Increases could be due to the following: Any additional work, purchased stock imagery/fonts etc. Any additional amends Aniko Branding will charge £60 per hour. We also have a minimum fee of £30 for any smaller jobs taking an hour or under to complete. Any quote given does not include printing. We offer a vast printing service that is available on request and all prices are dependent on quality of papers, and quantity of prints.

Approval of work.

It is 100% the sole responsibility of the client to proof read and approve all copy before the production of any design or artwork. Time must be taken to approve all artwork and ensure all grammar, spelling, phone numbers, addresses and all other important information is checked before approving. The client is to inform us of any errors before the final files have been generated. Aniko Branding will not be held responsible for any changes or amendments made after approval of the design. There will be no reprints or amends done at the expense of Aniko Branding.


If the client decides to cancel the project early for any reason a 50% fee of the final amount will be owed to cover all hours worked, work produced, time lost due to the cancellation and to close the account. Please note that all deposits are non refundable and will be lost but you will own approved work produced up to the date of the cancellation. Any additional work needed will be done at an hourly rate of £60. If we haven't heard from the client for 20 consecutive days the project will not continue and will be considered cancelled and all ownership and copyrights shall be retained by Aniko Branding and may be used elsewhere.

Print colour changes.

Aniko Branding will not be held responsible for any print quality issues that are done externally of Aniko Branding's printers as Aniko Branding approved printers are correctly calibrated to our computers. This is why we always recommend using our printers, as we can monitor the quality during 100% of the print process to ensure what you approved looks like what is printed. There may be some slight colour differences from what you see on your screen to the final printed product. This is mainly due to the nature of the CMYK design vs the RGB screen that you use to view the work we send you. It is always good to check a printed proof before commencement of bulk printing.


We understand that some of our clients will ask us to produce confidential work. Please inform Aniko Branding in writing if any material or information provided by the client is confidential. This will ensure any print outs will be securely disposed of and no work will be seen by the public of any client of Aniko Branding.

Social Media

Aniko Branding are just as proud of your new brand as you are. On completion of the project Aniko Branding will promote or show your business on our social media platforms creating backlinks for you. If you wish Aniko Branding NOT to show your brand please let us know before the project starts.

Please note that for copyright and confidentiality reasons Aniko Branding will never show any work until it has been signed off by the client and final payment has been made.

The Black variant of he Aniko Branding logo