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Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars ChildCare was a well-established childcare business that had been operating for several years. However, they were struggling to attract the type of clients they wanted and realised that their existing brand was not resonating with their target audience.

The existing brand of Shooting Stars ChildCare was not effective in attracting the target audience and the business was not growing as expected. The company was not getting the number of clients they wanted and was not getting the type of clients they wanted.

To solve this problem, Shooting Stars ChildCare reached out to Aniko Branding, a branding agency that specialises in creating unique and effective brands for businesses. Aniko Branding conducted a thorough analysis of the existing brand, including its strengths and weaknesses, and worked with the team at Shooting Stars ChildCare to understand their target audience and what they were looking for in a childcare facility.

With this information, Aniko Branding was able to create a new brand and identity design that would appeal to their target audience. They created a new logo that featured a star in the negative space, which was both unique and memorable. They also developed a set of brand assets, including a colour palette and typography, that would help to establish a consistent look and feel across all of the company's marketing materials. In addition to creating a new brand, Aniko Branding also helped with the personal branding of the owner of the childcare facility. They worked with her to develop a clear and compelling personal brand story, which would help to establish her as an expert and leader in the field. Finally, Aniko Branding also developed a new website that would help to attract the target audience.

Shooting Stars ChildCare, like many businesses, went through a phase where they were struggling to attract the type of clients they wanted despite being well-established. It can be challenging to admit that the brand you've built isn't resonating with your target audience and even more daunting to start a rebranding process. However, the team at Shooting Stars ChildCare made the courageous decision to reach out for help and partnered with Aniko Branding to give their business the fresh start it needed. The results speak for themselves, the new brand and identity design, as well as the personal branding of the owner, helped to establish Shooting Stars ChildCare as a leader in the field and a desirable choice for parents looking for quality childcare. The website also played a role in attracting the target audience and providing them with all the information they needed. It's not easy to make changes, but sometimes it's what a business needs to continue to grow and evolve. We're so glad that Shooting Stars ChildCare was able to achieve their goals and grow their business through this rebranding process.


Collection of branded objects for Shooting Stars Child Care created by Aniko Branding