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CBD Guru
Signature Series

Known for their high quality and effective products, CBD Guru is an industry leader in the production of CBD products. They have been in the business for several years and provide a wide range of products to satisfy the needs of their customers. However, with the CBD product industry growing more and more crowded, CBD Guru was seeking for strategies to distinguish their brand and stand out from the competition.

The Signature Series, a new premium range that would feature celebrity endorsements and also be positioned differently from CBD Guru's existing products, was the company's initial goal. Choosing the right target market for this new range and creating a brand strategy to successfully reach that market. However, they faced a challenge in terms of identifying the target audience for this new range and creating a branding strategy that would effectively reach that audience.

When CBD Guru needed assistance creating a branding strategy for The Signature Series, they turned to Aniko Branding.  Men over the age of 40 with joint aches and pains were chosen as the new ranges target demographic by Aniko Branding in close collaboration with CBD Guru. Then, as many golfers experience joint pain and may benefit hugely from the cooling and heating balms, they developed a launch range with Scottish influence as a nod to The Signature Series first Celebrity endorsement Professional golfer Colin Montgomerie and would also appeal to this particular clientele. In addition, they strengthened their authority in the CBD industry and gained significant brand awareness  by using celebrity endorsements, social media posts and magazine articles.

The Signature Series was successfully launched, and men over 40 who experience joint discomfort and professional golfers alike responded favourably to the golf-themed products. The celebrity endorsements also aided in building brand recognition and credibility, which improved sales and contributed to CBD Guru's continuing continuing success. The CBD Guru's business experienced significant growth as a result of Aniko Branding's assistance in differentiating their brand and making them stand out in the marketplace.

It's no small undertaking to develop a new premium range like The Signature Series, and it requires a lot of effort and careful planning to succeed. Aniko Branding assisted CBD Guru in overcoming their obstacles and launching a product line that connected with their target audience. Products with a golf theme and celebrity endorsements raised the brand's profile and authority, which increased sales and contributed to its overall success. We are aware that launching a new product can be challenging and difficult, but with the correct plan and assistance, it is possible to achieve successful outcomes. We are delighted that we were able to help contribute to CBD Guru's success and we wish them the best.


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