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The Magic Phone Call...

How a phone call helped a new cosmetic startup save thousands of dollars and whole lot of pain.

A small cosmetics startup company was having trouble breaking into the market and wasn't getting the kind of sales they had planned for. The business realised they required assistance because it can be challenging to understand your target audience and navigate the industry. They contacted Aniko Branding to help them with market research and a deeper knowledge of their target market.

The business was having trouble connecting with customers because they didn't have a clear concept of who their target audience was and what they needed. They also had no knowledge how to set themselves out from the competition in their market. The company was also thinking about making an investment in a new product line, but they weren't sure if it would be successful.

Aniko Branding was eager to helping the business in succeeding because they were aware of the difficulties they were encountering. Through a one-hour phone call, they offered support on how to best conduct market research and assisted the company in better understanding its target market. Aniko Branding was able to help the company determine the important psychographics and demographics of the target market, as well as their needs and goals. They also assisted the company in identifying its competitors and developing a unique selling proposition.

The company was able to make adjustments to their product offering and marketing approach as a result of the Aniko Branding's market research and target audience analysis advice and guidance. As there was already a similar product on the market and it wasn't a particularly well-liked product, they discovered that the new product line they had intended to invest in was unnecessary. The company was able to avoid making this unnecessary product, saving over $2000 in tooling and prototype development costs and potentially even more in post - production. Additionally, the modifications they made to their product line and marketing plan naturally reduced the cost of advertising.

Spending money on consulting services can be expensive, but with the assistance of professionals like Aniko Branding, valuable knowledge can be attained. The market research and target audience analysis performed by Aniko Branding during their call allowed the company to change their situation and accomplish their objectives. By discovering an unneeded product line, the call not only improved their understanding of their market and clients, but also enabled them to save thousands of dollars. The knowledge and dedication of Aniko Branding were crucial to the company's success. What was the cost of this call? It was free.