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starter kits

Aniko Branding occasionally has the ability to provide unused branding projects for sale at a reduced cost. A lot of our kits include a simple website, a registered domain, a social media account, and a collection of other brand assets.
We've discovered that our startup kits work well for those who have side businesses, wish to launch a company where their vision aligns with the kit we provide, or need to get something going quickly. Each branding kit is distinct, and after purchase, you will have full ownership of all data and effort; Please note that these are not templates that can be sold again and again.

Additionally, each kit will include with 10 hours of design work to customise the designs to your brand and brand guidelines.  This is the the most cost effective and fast way to start your brand.

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Meta Surf Shack


This brand package is best suited for a business with an online focus and even part of the metaverse.  
Meta Surf Shack has the potential to be a clothing brand, surf shop, e-commerce, startup and much more.
This starter kit can be yours to own today for a one off fixed fee.



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