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Breathing new life into existing brands and allowing them to be reborn with intention and purpose.


In 2024 people of the UK have an abundance of choice and options. Next year, they will have even more.

In fact, so much more choice you can most likely think of around 10 other people with the exact same job title as you within a 20-mile radius of your own business.
No matter what industry you work in, many business owners like you are now competing against many other brands in an ever growing market.
Is your business set up for this, and are you ready?

• 3,432 Chiropractors

• 215,400 Lawyers / Solicitors

• 486,600 Engineers

• 7,000 Funeral Directors

• 5,533 Mortgage Brokers

• 42,215 Dentists

• 42,413 Car Mechanics

• 25,000 Vets

• 46,200 + Chinese Takeaways

• 25,892 Coffee Shops

• 48,425 + Beauty Salons

• 48,763 Electricians
(all stats taken from Statista)

Welcome to Project REBORN*

Over the past 20 years, Aniko Branding founder Jay Kingman has worked with many successful global brands, helping them to be seen in an ever growing noisy world. The past decade has been spent growing Aniko Branding, with an aim of supporting newer and smaller businesses to launch and develop their own brands using the same strategies as those used for the global brands.


Now it's time to focus on YOU!, your business, your brand, your personal brand, and your authority in your industry. In an ever-changing world where we need to think and connect differently and creatively, we need to ensure our businesses also set up and work this way. After all, the most successful brands today are the ones that think creatively.

So how do we stop you from drowning in the sea of sameness and stop your business from becoming a commodity where you can only compete on price? we innovate and we create.

Project REBORN* isn't about rebranding or creating a whole new brand. Its about taking what you've already created, meeting you where you're at, and introducing new ways to go forward to future proof your business. These ways will be strategically crafted collaboratively to ensure your brand and personal brand see a positive growth. We don't claim to reinvent the wheel, but we do promise to improve it and set you on a path with more clarity and guidance.

Project REBORN* will help you...

• Find your brands true voice and create a brand that really speaks to your bigger purpose.

• Tell stories that connect with your audience and make you stand out from the others.

• Create a content strategy that speaks to your ideal customer.

• Position your brand to gain a loyal following and show off your personal style.

• Diversify your offerings to have more flexibility and options with multiple revenue streams.

• Understand design thinking and principles to give yourself a major edge.

• Audit your competitors brand to find gaps you didn't know existed that you can fill.

• Find your true why and core values of why you do what you do.

If you're already bringing in at least £25k a month, it's a clear sign that you really understand the importance of getting your name out there and be seen by the masses. You're already benefiting from good word-of-mouth and customer referrals, and that's great! But let's get serious for a minute and talk about how things are changing in the market lately. Trust me, you're not the only one feeling the pinch, over the past few years our high streets are becoming smaller with many businesses closing.

Nowadays the way you promote yourself and stay ahead of the competition needs to shift too. People aren't just looking for a service. They are seeking something more meaningful and impactful. Theres a need to feel connected, belonging, finding their identity, and experience something that goes beyond just a simple financial transaction.

Everything we do, buy, and associate with speaks volumes about who we are as a person, how we see ourselves and how we wish others to view us. That's one of the main reasons why we're drawn to individuals and brands that share the same core values and beliefs as us.

Commodities compete on price.

Your brand should command a premium.

If people aren't willing to pay more cash, show a preference for, or get emotionally attached to your product or service, and you're constantly competing on price, then sorry to say this, but you're just another run-of-the-mill commodity and you need to act fast.
There's a way to avoid this issue. You have to get your innovation game on point. You need to think outside the box and come up with amazing ideas and designs. When I say 'design', I'm not talking about fancy graphics or logos. I'm talking about designing new plans and ideas to transform bad situations into great ones.

Ready to breath new life into your brand?

Still unsure? keep scrolling...

Is Project REBORN* right for you?

Project REBORN* is designed for the entrepreneurs, business owners, decision makers, coaches and consultants who can tick all the boxes below.

Your business is now growing faster than your brand, you're expanding into new towns and cities but need to ensure the brand is at the same level of quality and consistency.

You have the experience, team, systems & processes, and resources, but lack that level of creativity that can massively grow your personal and business brand.

You’re a busy business owner that’s looking for high-level and professional creative direction that allows you to get envolved, but equally get out and get on with your business.

You really understand the value of diversifying your services and are willing to create a brand that allows that to happen.

You are flexible and open to both learning & trying new exciting things.

You just don’t have the time, energy, or passion to tackle your branding on your own.

You're not in the position to hire a full time or part time Chief Brand Officer or branding professional.

You're making all of the creative decisions but have doubts as you have no creative skill sets to guide you in making the right decisions.

You genuinely want your following to be a true representation of the lives you’re impacting, not just a large number that looks good when people find you online.

Whats in the box?

I'm sure we can both agree that the last thing you want or need is to be stuck in long training courses that take up even more of your precious time. That's why we will take this at your own pace and fit this around you.
Project REBORN* is literally designed to fit around your schedule. With a six month plan we have plenty of time to work on this during the day or even during the evenings when you can sit down and relax with a glass of wine over a Zoom call.

With your six-month access to Project REBORN*, you'll get:


In this one-on-one session, we will get to know each other and for me to fully understand your business and its needs. This will also give me the opportunity to understand you as the personal brand behind the business and how we can build on your knowledge in your space to make you the 'go to' person in your industry.

Brand development workshop

This workshop is the perfect starting place for your brand. Here will will look at the DNA of your business and ensure all the key attributes of the brand are set in stone and elevated. We will also look at your values and what motivates and drives the business other than money. This will become the starting point for the whole project and will where we find your ideal customer.
At the end of the workshop you will have a personalised roadmap which will help you get from where you are right now to where you need to be. This plan can then be passed on to your team so they can give you support with implementing it. And if necessary, I can even hook you up with someone from my network or work on it for you.

Weekly calls where we can give each other feedback, & plenty of creative direction.

I get that we all have different work schedules, so that's why I want to customise participant calls to fit your availability. This is a chance for you to get honest feedback and input on your brand, design, writing, positioning, and more. You can either join every single call that's offered, or you can spread them out over the six-month period in a way that works best for you. Either way, you'll be able to get exactly what you need to make progress with your business.

Get access to my growing network of designers, copywriters, & creators.

You've been doing this business thing for a few years now, so you know how crucial it is to have the right support as and when its needed. If you ever need to hook-up with someone from my network, I'd be happy to make that happen for you. Or, you can always hit me up for help too.

What will we talk about?

We will discuss and address anything that is related to your business and existing brand. Additionally, we will focus on some core elements that will truly enhance your business.

• Brand/Mission Statements

• Personal Branding

• Passive Income Models

• Finding Ideal customers

• Brand & Competitor Audits

• Self Brand Audits

• Your Ideal Clients

• Content Marketing

• Authority Building

• Creative Direction

• New Revenue Models

• Changing Percepetions

• Brand Awareness

• Social Media

• Brand Story Creation

• Content Models

• Visual Story Telling

• Finding Gaps In The Market

Gain access to 6 months of Project Reborn with a one off investment of £3,500

(With no fuss interest free payment plans available too)

Due to the bespoke nature of Project REBORN* a limited amount of spaces will only be available.



Is my business suitable for Project REBORN*?

This will be suitable for most businesses but this will most benifit those businesses which are growing faster than the brand and typically bring in around £25k a month. This size of business will fit perfectly with the programs in Project REBORN* as they have processes, and internal team support in place to work with the project over the six month duration of the project.

What is the investment for Project REBORN*?

Membership for Project Reborn* is a one off investment of £3.5k this will cover the whole six months which includes all calls, resources, and direct feedback and creative direction on your brand. As from January 2024 this investment will be £5k so we recomend to sign up before January 1st 2024 but please note that due to the nature of this project, spaces are limited.

What time of day should I be working on this?

Whats great about Project REBORN* is that we work around you and your business. We understand that you have peak times, peak weeks and even peak months so we will work around you and your work schedule. For the best results we do recommend that you make the project a priority and commit for the duration of the project.

Is there a payment plan for Project REBORN*?

Yes we do. We can break payments down into smaller chunks where you can pay over two or three months. We also accept most credit cards (there is a 5% transaction processing fee for this).

Just don't take our word for it.

We have worked with many business owners who have wanted to grow their brand and move them in the direction of being a brand that works rather than someone's opinion. We have also worked with many people who wanted to start a brand but didn't know how to start or what to do first.

Heward Properties

If there's a guy who seriously knows the world of branding, it's Jay. He's taught me so much about how branding is the absolute base of the pyramid that the rest of your marketing strategy should build on.
He presented a fantastic seminar this morning to a room full of business owners, and I've come away buzzing with ideas that I can implement in my business.

Amy HewardHeward Properties

North Lincolnshire,
United Kingdom

Hider Management

I am pleased to say I have worked with Jay at Aniko Branding on many occasions. Each time he has exceeded my expectations. It's as if he knows what you want before you do if you know what I mean. His professionalism is unmatched and I can whole heartedly recommend you give him the chance to full-fill all your design and branding requirements. Keep up the great work.

Scott Hider
Hider Managment


Durrick Designs

I am beyond thrilled. I came to Jay for a brand strategy and logo design because I was simply too close to my own business to design something myself that I would be really happy with in the end. We spent a great deal of time going over the archetypes and he helped me to better understand myself and the customers I want to serve, so I could approach my rebrand and website redesign more succinctly.

Mallory Durrick,
Durrick Designs



Jay at Anika Branding has been one of my favorite people to work with! He is patient and so passionate about helping his customers achieve the best out of their brand! I never felt rushed throughout our time working together and was always SO comfortable providing my feedback knowing that Jay's end result was my company’s success! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Alina Rubinshteyn
Heward Properties

St Louis,

United ArtSpace

Jay is one of the nicest, most trust worthy people I’ve worked with. His dedication to customer satisfaction is through the roof. Jay is great at understanding the client need and working out the design / strategy until it’s right. Jay designed all my company branding and it’s still going strong 7 years on. We’ve had additional design work since then for added services within the business and all our branding looks on point and cohesive.

Michelle Lloyd
United ArtSpace


Charles Stacy

My experience working with Aniko Branding has been superior to say the least. They provided a comprehensive experience in building my brand from conception. I highly recommend them for all developmental branding services.

Charles Johnson
Charles Stacy

Los Angeles,